Tips For Planning A Family Trip To See The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker is one of Christmas' fun activities to do for families. The popular ballet has attracted people from all over the world for years and for good reason. If you have never seen the show before, or perhaps this is your first time going to the ballet, you might not know what to expect.

Here are some tips for planning a family trip to see The Nutcracker.

Get Tickets Early

The Nutcracker is a staple during the Christmas season in many cities for ballet companies to perform. New York City has one of the most popular shows, and if you plan to head there to see it, then you best book now. The same is true, however, for wherever you are attending.

Buy your tickets early, if possible as soon as they go on sale. This ballet has a short run and is very popular with the public. You don't want to miss out by waiting too long to buy seats. The earlier you buy your tickets, the greater the chance you will have the seats you want too.

Prepare For The Length Of The Show

The Nutcracker is a couple of hours in length so if you have kids who are very young, it might be too long for them to sit through. In fact, some ballet companies won't allow children under a certain age to attend because they may fidget. Check to see if there is an age restriction on children before you buy your tickets.

If your kids are old enough, make sure everyone in the family, including seniors, will be able to sit for the duration of each act. There is usually an intermission in-between acts.

Find Out The Dress Code

Some ballet companies or theaters have a dress code of what you are supposed to wear to each performance. Some are more formal, especially for special nights like opening night or galas. These tend to require dressy or formal wear. Other companies are more casual and will let you wear jeans and shirts.

Find out what the dress code is for the ballet company you are attending for the show is. If you wish to dress up anyway, it could make for a fun night that will make the evening more special.

Get There Early

It's a good idea to head to the performance early. Sometimes there are refreshments in the lobby for guests, or you get the chance to look around the theater before the auditorium opens. It can be a special experience to arrive and mingle with everyone else.

Also, it gives you time to get to your seats and settle in without rushing and perhaps missing some of the performance if you arrive later.

If you want to see The Nutcracker this year, a company like Long Beach Ballet will have a show you can attend.